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Our rings are made to order by our experienced bench jewelers in NYC.

Do you price match with other websites?
Yes, we can typically match the price of the Moissanite if it's listed on a major website and you are not ordering a custom setting.

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The diamond must have the same certificate number and four C's.

The diamond must be listed on one of the following major platforms: Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, James
Allen, Yadav, With Clarity, Do Amore

The price match only applies to diamonds listed on

The price match guarantee is only valid before you purchase, not after.

You must verify the price by sending a link to the listing.

The price must be available to the general public and not discounted at the time of your purchase
from The gems co.

The stone must be available for sale.

The price must be in USD

The diamond is not eligible for further discounts from Frank Darling

We will honor the price for 48 hours from the time of the request

Send us a picture of a similar ring or talk to one of our designers. We will create a Computer-aided design of your final ring (CAD) for free.

Yes, we plate all our white gold rings with rhodium unless you request otherwise. Rhodium gives white gold a whiter, brighter look.

Yes, this goes by a variety of names but basically has a lower copper content than rose gold, but more than yellow gold. If this is something you're interested in, let us know.

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