Black Tourmaline & Tiger eye/ Lapis Bead Necklace

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This beautiful long necklace is available in 2 variants: Tiger's Eye (self-confidence) and Lapis Lazuli (creativity). Knotted in combination with Labradorite (protection) and Black Tourmaline, you will always carry a nice energy with you with this gemstone necklace. Length of this necklace is approximately 75-85 cm.

Tourmaline: The Grounding Stone

The preferred talisman of protection, tourmaline is used as a psychic shield to ground your energy and combat the entry of negative entities in your energy field. Long used by wizards, shamans, witches and magicians, tourmaline can be found on every continent.
Metaphysical healing properties: Although tourmaline is black as night, it can be used to ward off negative energies, raise your vibration, and usher you into the light. Black absorbs light, as this stone acts as a sponge for harmful or dark energies. It encourages you to remain radiant during dark times.
Physical healing properties: Use tourmaline to ease pain in the joints and to assist in realigning the spine. It can also be used to strengthen the immune system, heart and adrenal glands– easing stress and releasing tension.

Note: The Gems Company offers beautifully handcrafted gemstone jewelry for a fraction of the price. From semi-precious to precious stones, we strive to offer natural and unique jewelry with a meaning. Our gemstones are ethically sourced from all around the world and our collection of raw gemstone necklaces are made with love by our artisans for our customers. Since gemstones are natural materials, stone color and shape may be slightly different from the picture, making this beautiful handmade item unique just like you!


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