Peridot Gemstone Silver Ring

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Peridot is said to help a person follow his or her passion; to be true to your own heart and desires. It is a stone that will help you move forward and release the past. If you desire to move forward, you must let go of all negativity of the past. This is the stone to wear to improve your chances of making your dreams a reality. It increases your willpower and makes you more aware of what you think about. As we all know our thoughts create our actions. It helps you take responsibility for your own life. It is connected to the heart chakra. It is especially helpful for those who find it difficult to receive. It is said to help the wearer receive more naturally and gratefully. This would be a good stone for those of us who find it easy to give but difficult to accept favors or gifts from others. 

Wearing a ring with a peridot stone is believed to make the wearer happy and optimistic. It was told this gemstone will dispel all kinds of jealousy and envy.

Metal: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Plated: Rhodium Plating
Metal Weight: 1.95 Grams
Gemstone: Natural Peridot
Stone Size: Oval cut 5x4mm
Stone Color: Green
Stone Cutting: Good Cut
Stone Created Method: Natural
Total Stone Weight: .35 Carats
Finish: High Polish

Note: Rhodium is used to plate white gold, yellow gold or sterling. A good Rhodium plating gives the metal a long lasting shine. Oxidation will not occur between the silver & air with a thick coat of Rhodium plating. 


   All our jewelry is hand crafted with 100% natural gemstones. Please check the availability of selected gems and other details before purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we hope you have a splendid shopping experience!

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