・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)
・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)

・EMERSON・Lab-Grown Diamond Center (VVS1/D), Diamond Halo (1.57ctw+)

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  • A diamond ring with a clear conscience: Featuring a 1.27ct lab-grown diamond center, accented by your choice of conflict-free lab-grown or Canadian mined diamonds. The vintage-inspired small Emerson makes a statement engagement ring. The shank (band portion of the ring) is available with or without diamonds. Wedding bands modeled in photos are sold separately; this listing is for the Emerson halo engagement ring only. 

    ➣ Size: 1.27ct (~7mm) 
    ➣ Clarity, Color, & Cut: VS1/E, Ideal cut
    IGI grading report (click to view full report)

    ➣ Clarity & Color: VS/FG 
    ➣ Choice of mined Canadian origin or lab-grown
    ➣ Halo diamond weight: ~.33ct
    ➣ Shank diamond weight (if selected): ~.11 - .21ct 
    ➣ Available with or without diamonds in shank. (Non-diamond shank features decorative metal beading as shown)

    ➣ Choice of recycled gold color or platinum 
    ➣ Halo measures: ~14mm long by 10.5mm wide
    ➣ Shank (band): 2mm wide, tapered at top 
    ➣ Total ring height: ~6.5mm high  
    ➣ Cathedral shoulders and leafy gallery below halo  

    ➣ No diamonds in shank:  1.60ctw
    ➣ Diamonds halfway around shank:  1.71ctw
    ➣ Diamonds three-quarters around shank:  1.81ctw


    Lab-grown diamonds are identical to a diamond mined from the earth in their chemical, physical, and optical makeup. They are grown in laboratories that recreate the intensity of heat and pressure that causes diamonds to form in the earth. Atom by atom over time, a small starter of natural diamond is grown into a pure rough diamond. The rough diamond is then cut by a master stone cutter to maximize brilliance, clarity, and fire. Each lab-grown diamond is just as unique as a mined diamond since each grows organically with its own unique character.

    About Lab-Grown diamonds
    About Canadian origin accent diamonds

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We only carry the highest grade moissanite stones, D color, very very slightly included (VVS1), and excellent cutting. Each center stone greater than .75ct will be certified by a third party gemological institute and your order will include a professional grading report.

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