Amethyst Large Crystal Spheres

Color: Purple
Sale price$1,999.00


Material Natural Crystal,Rose Quartz,Citrine,Amethyst,Tiger Eye Stone,Obsidian,White Crystal,Calaite,Opal,Fluorite,Calcite,Turquoise...
Craft Carving & Polished
Size Base size 3-30cm&Different size is available According to your needs
MOQ 1piece



Main Products
1.All kinds of natural crystal balls, such as Rose Quartz,Citrine,Amethyst,Tiger Eye Stone,Obsidian,White Crystal,Calaite,Opal,Fluorite,Calcite and so on.
2.All kinds of crystal point,for energy water bottle for decoration.
3.All kinds of natural crystal smoking pipes,different shapes.
4.All kinds of natural crystal stone crafts like pyramid carvings, Angels figurines carvings,Animal,Dragon,Pixiu,Unicorn,Cross,Heart,Star,Egg,Slice..
5.All kinds of natural raw crystal geodes & clusters, Brazil crystal geodes
6.All kinds of crystal pendants,for religion,gifts.
7.All kinds of natural rough stone,tumbled stone,healing stone,macadam..
8.OEM&ODM service,we accept different kinds of crystal products.

1.Each crystal will be packed in a cardboard box with sponge and silk inside;
2.outer with standard export carton box;

3.Customized package is also available.

Lead time 1. For stock order, we ship within 2 days when we get your payment.
2. For OEM/ODM order, lead time is 5-20 days depends on your quantity.

Q: what is the material of your product?

A: the material is natural crystal, and natural products will be similar to ice cracking, cotton and other minerals.

Q: what do I want to do with the other sizes of these products?

A:we will customize all sizes you want according to your requirements.

Q: how does your factory handle quality control?

A: quality is a priority.Our quality inspectors will follow the whole process of production.Make sure every product is up to standard and produce the best quality product.

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