As a brand focused on delivering high quality natural gemstones and jewelry at a fraction of the cost, we work with factories around the world on a direct to consumer business model. Our experienced jewelry craftsmen are located in the United States, India, and China. Once you place an order, we carefully handcraft your items using 100% Natural Gemstones.
Production and delivery usually takes 7 to 12 days for orders in USA, UK, & Canada, but ever since the disruptions caused by the current global pandemic we have seen shipment delays of about 2-3 days. For Australia, expect delivery in 12-15 days.
Further information on delivery estimates will be provided to you during checkout depending on the country where the order was placed. We kindly ask for you to remain patient with us as we are trying our best to deliver your items as soon as possible in these tough times. Upon arrival of your items, we guarantee you’ll receive a truly unique, high-quality, handmade piece that you will just fall in love with!
Our Precious Stone/Moissanite engagement rings take about 5 days to craft and transit times will be an additional 4-7 days. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or click the chat button on the bottom right of the screen and we will reply ASAP! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions commonly asked by our customers and answered by our company experts.

GIA has developed a color grading scale which is commonly used in diamonds, and the same scale can be applied to Moissanite. According to the GIA scale

Grades D, E, F: colorlessGrades G, H, I: near coloressGrades J, K: faint color

So what does that mean? Grades D, E, F and even G are completely colorless and can be described as "icy" white. Grade H and I still look white, but its a slightly warmer or steely white. When you get into the J and K range, you will start to see a bit of yellow.

So what is the difference between D and F color? In reality, little to nothing. One needs to have special lighting, expert training and view the diamond or Moissanite loose (not set in jewelry) and upside down to tell the difference. The difference between D and F is a difference on paper only. Even once set in jewelry and in normal lighting, its difficult to tell the difference between a D color and a G or even H color stone.

Moissanites do need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean Moissanite will reflect light better and allow its fire and brilliance to show. That added brilliancy makes the Moissanite look larger than one that has been "dulled" by oil from the skin, soaps, cosmetics, and everyday activities.

One of the advantages of Moissanite over diamonds or any diamond alternative available is that it does not have the same affinity towards grease and oil. That being said it is still a good idea to clean your jewelry about once a month to keep them sparkling as brilliantly as possible.

Here are four simple ways to keep your Moissanite gemstones looking their best:

The Detergent Bath

Prepare a small bowl of warm soapy water. Use any mild liquid detergent that does not contain "soap" for it creates another type of "film" on the surface of the Moissanite. A mild liquid detergent would be something like original Dawn dish detergent. We do not recommend the use of any abrasive cleaners for any type of jewelry. Brush pieces gently with a toothbrush and rinse well. A hair dryer may be used to finish drying the jewelry.

The Cold Water

Another home cleaning process you can do is to make a cup of a solution containing water and household ammonia or similar product like Mr. Clean. We recommend about 3/4 parts of water and 1/4 part of the cleaning chemical. Let the Moissanite jewelry soak for about 10 minutes and with a toothbrush gently tap around the back and front of the mounting and if you can, try to reach behind the mounting where dirt would have accumulated. Rinse it well with warm to hot water and dry it with the help of your blow dryer. (We don't recommend the use of towels for drying your jewelry).

Commercial Home Jewelry Cleaners

You can purchase one of many formulated, non-toxic liquid jewelry cleaners such as GemCare. These cleaners are ideal for effectively removing the "film" that can accumulate on a gemstone surface.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

This is the most effective option for maintaining the brilliance of your Moissanites. It is the method our jewelers use prior to shipping customers' orders. It creates a high-frequency turbulence which can clean most of your jewelry.

Additional Recommendations

You may try to avoid using your fine jewelry while playing sports (working out in a gym is included here) or when you do any kind of rough work. Even though a Moissanite is the most durable natural crystal structure known to man, it can be chipped by a hard blow along its grain.

When you are not wearing your Moissanite jewelry, try to separate them individually. Moissanite pieces in a drawer or left in contact with other jewelry in a jewelry case can scratch each other and also can scratch other jewelry.